Ceremonial  Design


 Funeral, Handfasting 
Naming  and  Vow Renewal,
Ready to customize your ceremony in a script format  and  with it to perform.

Funerals are never pleasant and never easy. 

When my mother passed away, I knew it would be the first time in many years
I would see certain friends and members of my extended family.
There is just so much to deal with after a death between managing your grief and making accommodations for all the family members which will be visiting.
I can help you with your ceremony; to bespoke a heartfelt script, that will best describe for any occasion and to publicly present, as well as officiate.
Pre-arranged Funeral Ceremonies are a good idea; for any time to have ready and quickly revise when necassary.  
The slightest bit of help during these most challenging moments are worth it.

For all occasions  BESPOKE YOUR CEREMONY with Peerless Moments. 
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